Friday, March 18, 2011

First Round of the Madness

Just my thoughts on the first round of the NCAA Tournament. George Mason might of been the eighth seed, and Villanova might of been a ninth seed. It was still a huge victory for the Patriots to take down a Big East team. The Wildcats finish a season on quite a skid.

Virginia Commonwealth did not just upset the Georgetown Hoyas. VCU crushed the Big East club 74-56. What a day for the Colonial Athletic Conference. Two big wins over the Big East. Old Dominion lost Thursday to Butler 60-58. All and all a great showing by the Colonial.

Marquette upset Xavier 66-55. FSU took out Texas A&M. Some pretty good madness for Friday.

A look at Thursday..

Morehead State upsetting Louisville and Richmond defeating Vanderbilt sets up a nice match up of double digit seeded teams in the next round. One of them is going to the sweet sixteen. Gonzaga added to the Big East woes in this tournament.

Sources for scores: Fox Sports

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