Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Much Beau News

I haven't heard too much Beau Torbert news lately. The last I heard he was playing with the Mississippi Braves (AA) and he hit a home run last week. The good news is Beau is playing deep into Spring Training. Which means the Atlanta Braves organization is giving him a good look. It also means his talents are on display for other teams as well.

The bad news is the early Mississippi Braves roster does not list Beau on it. This of course could change. The Braves have a lot of names on their AAA and AA teams in the outfield which means there is a lot of competition for Torbert.

As Spring Training winds down this week some concrete news should be available soon.


Jen Daiker said...

I'm not one who pays attention to baseball so I can't really comment on this post however I at least wanted to stop by and say hello!!!

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Mike Spain said...

Thanks for stopping by!