Thursday, February 18, 2010

U.S. Woman Ski Team Has Arrived

No American woman had one the Gold Medal for the Olympic Downhill before Lindsey Vonn did it yesterday. That is saying a lot as the U.S. has had some talented woman skiers like Picabo Street and Diann Roff in the past.

Not only did an American woman win the gold yesterday, they won the silver as well. Julia Mancuso came in second place. The U.S. Woman's ski teram has arrived at Vancover. It was the woman's first event, with more races still to be had the U.S. Woman have a very good opportunity to add to their medal count.

The men are there too. Bode Miller finshed third in the men's downhill only .02 seconds away from the Gold. What a race, where Gold, Silver, and Bronze where only seperated by .02 seconds.

NBC sports for results

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