Monday, February 1, 2010

Featured Sports and Music Contributer

My writing has really taken off this year. First I picked up the baseball blog and the Tim Tebow Fan staff. This is great for getting my name out there and to add more to my portfolio. In late 2009 I was named a Business & Finance Contributor at Associated Content. This meant more income with 3 higher paying articles a month. Since, then I have learned these are pretty competitive as I have been turned down for a couple of these positions.

Today, however, I was named a featured contributor for Sports. I write a lot about sports, so this was great news. Then later in the day I was named a featured contributor for Music, another topic I like to write about. So, I will be busy writing my nine articles a month. However, that is good too. I find that the more I write the more page views I get. When I disappear like I did last year my page views fall off drastically.

It is also great for the blog because I get to share good news. This is better than my weekend. My weekend ended up with my laptop getting messed up, my dad going to the hospital, and me catching a cold. So, really this Monday was not that bad.

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