Saturday, December 26, 2009

George Michael Died on Christmas Eve

No, not the singer from Wham! George Michael was a local sportscaster in the Washington, DC area for years. He was known nationally for his Sportsmachine show. He was one of the greatest sportscasters in the Washington area. The Sportsmachine was a highlight, sports entertainment show. The shows heyday was pre-ESPN. George Michael would have the best highlights from the big sports and the smaller sports. He would throw in car race wrecks, rodeo high lights, you name it he found the spots viewers wanted to watch. He would also do features on athletes, things that have gone by the wayside now. Now we live in an era of highlights on demand on ESPN Sportcenter or FSN. However, they all can say thank you to George for what he did. George Michael died at the age of 70 from cancer. A sad day to go on Christmas Eve but we can celebrate what he did as sports fans.

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