Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Football Wrap Up

Ironic as always my Fantasy Football team had the biggest win of the week. They would have beat any of the other teams by a good margin. That is all great except it is a week to late. Losing last week means I play the final week coming up only for fifth place. Even though I did better this regular season than last I will not finish 3rd like I did last year. Oh well! Those are the breaks.

The bowls are wrapping up, which means my final college rankings will be coming out soon. I should have it up shortly after the National Championship Game. Already teams are getting knocked out of the rankings and some are working their way in. It should be fun to see where the pieces fall.

I submitted 3 articles today. Two are pending review so I am not sure when they will be published. Oh well I will keep you posted...

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