Friday, October 23, 2009

The weekend is here, are you ready for some football?

Thought I would plug my rankings for this week. This week I have a new number one, which is Alabama. Why? Simply put Florida has not paid like a number one team. They won ugly against Arkansas with some help from the zebras.

Well here is my rankings for this week. they are a lot different from the rankings the week before. A lot of this was due to the weekly upsets. Virginia Tech lost, Ohio State lost, Nebraska lost and Kansas lost. Also I had South Florida ranked higher than Cincinnati. The other polls had it right, and I was wrong. I can admit it, but that is some of the fun of having your own rankings.

TCU at BYU, South Florida at Pittsburgh, and Oregon State at USC highlight this weeks football action. However, I am sure there will be some surprises.

My fantasy team won big last week. Mostly since Brady and Brees had field days. I am in second place in my league at 4-2. We will see how I do this week.

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