Thursday, October 8, 2009

Angels in The Outfield

Well I squeezed out one more preview. I was able to preview the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim before their series with the Boston Red Sox starts. I won't be previewing the other teams just because they would no longer be a preview since the series has started.

The preview of the Los Angeles Angels is here.

This is a team that has had more names than Prince. The California Angels, The Anaheim Angels and currently the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I was impressed with the Angels depth in the outfield. They have Torrii Hunter, Vladimir Guerrero, Gary Mathews Jr, Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera.

The Angels are going up against the Boston Red Sox, which should be a good series. The teams have identical records. The Angels have been ousted by the Red Sox the last few years. Is this the year the Angels get past the Red Sox? We will find that answer soon.

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