Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sail away with a mad man! boater safety

I spent last week writing like a mad man, I just sent out four articles to be published Friday. I already have 6 published this month. I am signed up for two more. So, there will be a lot of fresh stuff coming out. This is great stuff to feed the blog with...

I wrote an article on safe boating tips for Labor Day. However, the safe boating tips aren't just for Labor Day, The tips are pretty useful for any time you are on a boat. Some of the tips were basic like wear a life jacket and don't operate a boat while your drunk. Some were about boat inspections and making sure the operator course. The article was packed with some powerful statistics. You may want to read it before you go boating. Here is the link.

The thought of sailing away does sound good! Heck, I'd settle at just using my inflatables at this point. Float around the pound in the raft with my fishing pole and a box of worms...or go explore down river where the water is flatter in the inflatable kayak. Oh well until next time be safe!

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