Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul has passed away

No one lives forever, and 94 is a nice long life. I am sad Les Paul has passed away today. His music will live on. People will event more things. However, there won't ever be another Les Paul. The innovator of muti track recordings and amplification. Not to mention the beautiful Les Paul line of guitars made by Gibson.

One of my favorite bands is Led Zeppelin. I know musically we would be comparing apple and oranges with Led Zeppelin and Les Paul. Not that Jimmy Page and Les Paul could find musical common ground, they did and they have played together. However, without Les Paul's inventions on multi track recording and effects Led Zeppelin would not have been the same. Zeppelin is just a good example that comes to mind but the same could be said about any band from the birth of rock and roll to now.

I am thankful to his contribution to the music I like. I am thankful for the music he created. I am thankful for Les Paul guitars. I am sorry for his families loss. As a fan I hope their will be tributes for him so we will be able to appreciate his life and music some more. As a fan of his life, I offer this bit of appreciation and I am grateful for his contributions to the world.

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