Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Hitters

After a six month break from publishing anything I started writing again. As you know if you read the blog my first article I wrote since returning was about Mark Buehrle's perfect game. I followed that article with two more articles about no hitters.

The first one was the top 5 perfect games of All Time. List like these are always debatable. The gems I chose to include were by Lee Richmond, Don Larson, Cy Young, Randy Johnson and Mark Buehrle.

The second article was the top 5 no hitters of All Time. I decided to exclude perfect games from this list since I had just written an article on perfect games. The no hitters I chose were by Mike Scott, Allie Reynolds, Nolan Ryan, the Astros 6 pitcher no hitter of the Yankees, and George Bradley.

I am currently working on an article about indoor climbing walls near Washington DC and a boating article. Those articles should be a nice break from baseball. However, I will be back with upcoming baseball articles on the top hitters and top outfielders soon so stay tuned.

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