Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take A Hike

Well I published my article on day hikes yesterday. The artilcle is linked here: Best Day Hike's Near Harpers Ferry. The article highlights two hiking routes one fairly easy and another one a bit more difficult. It was pretty easy for me, since both trails are local to me and both routes I have hiked recently.

I did a lot of hiking as a teenager when I was growing up. Then I did some in college. Then my hiking has been here and there. The last couple of years I really haven't done much. This year it has been renewed a bit since I live so close to the trails. Prior to that I had been doing more biking. This bike trail could be an easy hike as well..the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

Being so closed to Maryland and having lived in Maryland as well I did write an article a while back on Helium about Best Day Hikes in Maryland.

Other articles on hiking I have written on helium include:
Hikes in Point Beach State Forrest, Wisconsin

A look at good hikes around Salem, Oregon

Now is the time to go hiking, taske a break and enjoy the outdoors.

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