Friday, July 3, 2009

The Substitute

Tough morning. Both my wife and I are working today. Our regular daycare person is taking the day off for the Holiday. Our normal backups fell through so the scramble was on..I ended up finding someone.

It is tough enough to leave your child with a total stranger. I am sure she is fine and there will be no problems. She did have references and provided a website where I could search her out. However, it is still tough to drop a child off.

My daughter didn't make it easy either. She acted very shy in this persons apartment. She was very clingy. I walked her through the place. Showed her the puppy. However, she was still clingy. I waited with her 10-15 minutes and she was still clingy. Then I handed her off at the door, my daughter was not happy and I saw the big old tears coming. She did not make it easy.

I will pick her up early today since I am not working late. So, she won't be gone as long as usual.

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