Thursday, July 16, 2009

Could have been worse..

I let my daughter play a little longer at daycare. Let's face it, I know she loves me, but even at 2 kids like to play with their friends and have fun. Then I decided to take her out to dinner and enjoy some valuable father-daughter time. Mom had an appointment anyway so it wasn't like I had anything pressing to do. Then my daughter was ready to go home. No fuzz when I put her in the car, no wanting to play some was simply time to call it a day.

Thankfully, I buckled her into her car seat. As we were going up the hill, a deer decided to cross the road. I slowed down, stopped waited for the deer. I looked for other deers before I proceeded. I had done everything you are supposed too. As I was driving away. I heard a thump against my car. As I drove off..I saw the deer rolling on the ground.

We were fine. Was it a second deer, I don't know. Perhaps the first deer had tried to cross again. Fortunately, there was no damage to my vehicles and both my daughter and I were safe. She didn't even know anything was wrong and her juice didn't spill.

I did look for deer carcasses the next day and did not see one. I felt bad, since the deer may have been injured. However, I do feel lucky since lots of incidents with cars and deer result in much more damage and injuries.

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