Monday, May 19, 2008

Return of the blog

Life gets busy sometimes, that is why a new blog has not come out in a while. Not an excuse just a fact. I work a full time corporate job, AKA the dreaded day job. Anyway we had some visitors in town last week which ended up making my days pretty long. Then I had family obligations over the weekend which kept me pretty busy.

I did cover the West Virginia primary for Associated Content. Which resulted in four political articles. I also pumped out a few more articles.

One was on "Shoes Men Should Wear For a Successful Job Interview", another one on Men' s Sandals. The successful job interview was at least an article written about one of my specialties Human Resources. Really I'm not Mr. Joe Fashion plate, and no I don't have a foot fetish.

However, speaking of fetishes. I did write an article on the Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape. An article for people who have fetishes for great dead guitar players.

Sports which I write most often about has been on the back burner a bit. I wrote quite a bit about the draft so maybe it is time for a bit of a break on sports.

I even wrote an article on Helium, which is pretty rare for me. I don't write that much on their site. I wrote an article on Finding Project Management Training Course.

The point is I've been pretty busy. However, the blog is still alive. I will try to post some new stuff. I'll update the youtube videos soon. I can't do that at work during my lunch break.

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