Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RE:Fishing at the lake

The last couple of days, I've taken a break from writing. Monday, I was finally able to cut my grass. It was about time I had a day off from work with no rain. My grass had taken advantage of the rain to grow really high. In between, cutting my grass, in true slacker style I took a couple of breaks to fish the pond(lake) across the street. Not bad, I ended up catching four bass, and three pumpkin seeds(sunfish). I still had worms leftover from Monday, so I went fishing again Tuesday afternoon/evening. I ended up catching four bass, 3 more pumpkin seeds, a bluegill, and my first freshwater catfish! I also caught a small turtle. The turtle was a cute, little thing. Luckily, he let go of the hook after I had landed him. So, I turned it back over on his feet and let the turtle crawl back into the lake. Not a bad evening 9 fish and a turtle! Everything I caught was released so they can grow bigger. I practice catch and release.

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