Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hurricane Preparedness Week

It's Hurricane Preparedness Week. Hurricane season starts June 1st and tuns through November 30. Hopefully, the 2008 Hurricane season won't be a bad one. Hopefully, the loss of human life will be minimal. Hopefully, we won't have another hurricane like Katrina. Hopefully, the property damage will be little. May the storms only bring needed rain to the locations that need rain. Where I live we have had plenty of rain in May, however it doesn't take to many rainless days before the weather people start talking about droughts.

This being Hurricane preparedness, I hope tragic storms like Katrina have taught us valuable lessons. I hope that the world can actually become better prepared to deal with Hurricanes. I hope evacuation plans have improved. I hope we are better prepared to respond to a Hurricane than we were when Katrina helps. I hope people will continue to clean up after Katrina. I hope the ecological damage from Katrina isn't permanent. I hope New Orleans continues to rebuild. I hope the other communities hit hard by Katrina also continue to rebuild.

Strange how Hurricane Preparedness Week could bring out so many hopes.

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