Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me: Can you see the music?

Today's topic on Monday's Music Moves Me is two songs with sign language and two without.

First song Led Zeppelin's "Thank You" one of my favorites by the band...

The song..

Queen's "We will rock you" in ASL..

The song..

A bonus track but fitting...

Eric Clapton with a song called "Sign Language" penned by Bob Dylan
Hope you enjoyed! Music is an art and it can be enjoyed beyond the ears.


Marie Moody said...

Led Zeppelin's "Thank You", OMG I HAVE NEVER HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE! I mean DAMN! Where the heck have I been, right??? Nice tune and selection, Mike. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE QUEEN.. Always did, always will! ~hehehe~ Now.. Eric Clapton has always been one of my idols. ALWAYS!!! Now check this out!!! I HAVE NEVER HEARD THE SONG OR EVEN ABOUT THE SONG Eric Clapton with a song called "Sign Language"!!!! I mean where on earth did you come up with this one! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME! GREAT JOB... my friend! Totally fantastic... Thanks for the two introductions too! Great job!

Joyce Lansky said...

Great choices. I didn't hear anything on the first song, but maybe that's the point.

Naila Moon aka M. M. Hudson said...

I love Queen and have seen this one before. However, I had not heard or have seen Led Zeppelins and you went there with Clapton.
Terrific job and thanks for rising to the challenge!

Cathy Kennedy said...


I didn't know the Led Zeppelin song before today. I have to admit, I hoped the gal signing their song would've had sound, though. It was really difficult for me to get into a silent clip. I hope I never know what it's like to be deaf. The gift of hearing is such a beautiful thing. Your Eric Clapton bonus is an introduction so thanks for sharing. It was great having you on the dance floor, my friend. Have an excellent week!

Mary Burris said...

Love it!

The Clapton song was new to me, but very fitting for the theme. Ha! Had I known about it, I probably would have posted it as well.

Alana said...

Being married to a huge Led Zeppelin fan, I've heard that song many times but never knew the title. For the ASL versions, since I knew this and the Queen song well, I muted the ASL videos and it was an interesting experience (not knowing any ASL) watching the videos. I ddn't know the Eric Clapton song - it was appropriate!

Michele Truhlik said...

Hey, that was interesting, the first signing song having no volume so I saw the song solely in sign language.
And I loved your bonus song! That's a new-to-me Eric Clapton song so thanks for that!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Michele at Angels Bark