Sunday, September 3, 2017

Monday's Music Moves Me:Labor Day Songs

Today's theme can do with Labor Day, Last Day of Summer or Freebie. I am going to stay with the Labor Day theme and do work songs. Labor equals work.

"Cumberland Blues" by the Grateful Dead

I think we are all "Workin' for a Livin'" tell us about it Huey Lewis and the News..

I guess I'll call you "The Working Man" or woman..

We could all become musicians. I've heard it is easy as fishing and I like fishing.

"Takin' Care Of Business" B.T.O style..

Lynyrd Skynyrd sings about how it was "Workin' for MCA"

Well I got to work today. So I'm gonna go..."Bang on the Drum All Day"

I hope you enjoy and I will be back with a new post soon!


csuhpat1 said...

Beautiful songs. Lovely.

Alana said...

This is one of those posts that I read and wished "gee, I should have thought of those songs!" All good selections. Ironic that, on a "Labor Day", so many of us still have to work (I don't, but my husband had to for years).

John Holton said...

Good choices! I always liked "Blue Collar" by BTO.

XmasDolly said...

I agree with John, but I say GREAT choices! You've rocked the house! HAPPY LABOR DAY my friend!

Michele Truhlik said...

Hey Mike.
Great minds: we had some of the same song choices. I LOVE BTO -- I've been a fan since I was like 12. "Takin' Care of Business" is an awesome song.
I didn't think of Skynyrd's "Workin' for MCA." That's a good song too. Haven't heard that in ages! Love Todd Rundgren's "Bang On the Drum All Day."
I picked Rush's "Working Man" too, which is one of their songs that I like, but I'm not a Rush fan, per se. I think Rush is one of those bands that you either love or you hate.

Great post here Mike. So sorry you had to work today! That sucks. Hope you get another day off later in the week to make up for it.

Michele at Angels Bark

Cathy Kennedy said...


Cool tribute to the working class! EVERYONE or at least everyone I know can totally relate to Working For A Living. I never heard that being a mewsician is as easy as fishing. I like visiting the lake to sit quietly pondering things or just to relax but messing with icky worms and slimy fish I'll say, "No thank you!". Thanks for sharing a mix of new and old tunes with me today. Have a dancetastic week!

Mary Burris said...

Excellent choices, Mike! I think I was drawing a complete blank on the theme, that's why I decided to go with the post I went with. I really enjoyed what you did with the theme.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Excellent songs, Mike! Perfectly chosen! Thanks for the dance! :)