Sunday, August 6, 2017

Monday Music Moves Me: Hopping Aboard the Train (Freebie)

I'm new to this particular blog hop. I've joined one or two here and there so I get the idea. Still I am not exactly sure what I am doing or what I am getting into. However, that has never stopped me before.

I think I am suppose to share a series of songs sharing a common theme. This week being a freebie, I am assuming it could be anything. The host X-mas Dolly had a train theme going on the wording of her blog.

I am going to stick with a train theme, since I am just boarding this "Crazy Train"..

Ozzy Osbourne certainly  has this train rocking but "Casey Jones" is driving this train..

Another ode to Jerry Garcia in this time between his birthday and his death. 

Let's keep it rocking Southern style with this Blackfoot Classic "Train, Train"

                            Maybe this train I too Rocking, maybe I should have taken the "A Train" with Duke                              Ellington?

                             Let Steve Goodman sing about the ride on "The City of New Orleans"

                            It's just a "Runaway Train: with Soul Asylum..


Dolly it's a "Love Train"


 I can't stop this Train..,The Train Kept A Rollin'

Well I hope you enjoyed the ride! I hope to be a regular commuter on this musical train. So stayed tuned. Please visit the others on this hop in the side bar!


Cathy Kennedy said...


Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the Monday's Music Moves Me gals! You're right, freebie week is a theme/songs of your choice and I loved that you picked trains for yours. Just so you'll know, we aren't particular if you don't follow the week's theme suggestion. If you have mewsic to share then we're ready to boogie with you! I didn't know that I actually know one of Ozzy Osbourne's songs before now but I do remember "Crazy Train". Of course, I had no clue he did it. I love the big band soun do Ellington Duke "The Train"! That was a magical era, wasn't it? I had forgotten about the folk style singer (I'm not sure if that's his genre or not but that's how he sounds to me) Steve Goodman with "The City of New Orleans". Oh, yeah the O'Jay's song totally is the best!! Welcome aboard the "Love Train", my friend! I hope you get your ticket for next week's theme "Songs with Male Names in the Title or Lyrics". Have a tunetastic week!

csuhpat1 said...

Great songs. I enjoyed the whole mix. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Burris said...

Wow! That was a whole lot of fun! I'll add one more for you: I like Trains


John Holton said...

Well, welcome aboard! You picked a lot of good ones here. Thanks for using Steve Goodman's "City of New Orleans," and thanks especially for the Johnny Burnette tune at the end. That's Bettie Page in the video, isn't it?

Alana said...

I love train travel but I haven't been on one in over four years (counting the New York City subway). "City of New Orleans" can still make me cry. But these are all great tunes.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Thanks for joining MMMM! Loved your train themed songs! :) Thanks for the dance!

Colette S said...

Welcome aboard! I'm late visiting, but I always come around. It's hard sometimes with family life. So glad to have you!
Just enjoy the music train :)
Thanks for sharing.