Thursday, June 1, 2017

Battle of the Bands: In Memory Black Hole Sun

Last month the world lost some talented musicians. Even though I honored them with a tribute post, I a still remembering them in the Battle of the Bands.

How it works: I post two versions of the songs. You listen to the songs and let me know which one you thought was the best in the comments. I count up the votes and announce a winner at a later day which will be around June 7.

In honor of Chris Cornell, today's song comes from Soundgarden...

Ann Wilson

This one wasn't a tribute, but was done just a few days before his death...

Norah Jones

This one was a tribute..

Side note Norah's performance was at the same place Chris  had his last performance.

Vote in the comments I will be back with a winner.


John Holton said...

I'll go with Norah Jones on this. I just liked her vocal and style better.

Mary Burris said...

I've always loved Ann Wilson's voice, and I think that she delivers the right amount of grit that is needed for this song. On the other hand, Norah delivers a compelling tribute that is very moving. After listening to both twice, I'm giving my vote to Ann Wilson.


Arlee Bird said...

This is another song I've had in waiting to use for a while. Now is a good time to feature this one in Battle.

Norah's version is pretty good though I was not particularly fond of the intonation of her vocals. The arrangement was also a bit too draggy for me. Ann Wilson's vocal was better to my ears and I preferred the solid back up of the band of pro players.

A vote for Ann Wilson.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I'll vote Norah Jones.

~ D-FensDogG
[Link:) Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

Cathy Kennedy said...


I can't keep up with the artists and celebrities who pass. It's amazing. I like Norah over Ann far better vocally. At times I couldn't tell if Ann was a guy or gal singing which I didn't like. I like being able to know what gender I'm listening to by the sound of the artists' voice. Please give my vote to Norah Jones.

Birgit said...

I prefer Ann Wilson over Norah because I prefer her voice better and she gave a tribute that was heartfelt without realizing what was going to happen. It seemed more true to me.