Thursday, September 29, 2016

Battle of the Bands results: A Tie

I was out of town due to a family emergency. So my last few posts have been done via the phone. I put my results on hold. I could cast a deciding vote, but I picked the songs. I like my audience to pick the winners.

The vote were down. Just a half dozen votes. So your vote really does matter here! Sometimes it can stop a shutout and sometimes it can decide the winner. I might revisit the song with different contenders to see if we can find a winner. However, October is my Rocktober so the songs might rock a bit more!

It was a bird fight in my Battle.

The Black Crowes had no remedy..

The Byrds sounded like they were Eight Miles High..

and no one was Willin' to be the winner..

Maybe I'll have a winner on my next battle in a couple of days!

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