Monday, August 8, 2016

Glenn Kaiser Battle of the Bands Winner!

Glenn Kaiser wins my Battle of the Bands. He won convincingly over Larry Norman 7-3. Norman had the advantage of a studio version against a live version. Still Kaiser being a Christian artist may have had more experience with living in the "Presence of the Lord."

A friend of mine had posted a song from Kaiser's band on Facebook. The band was called Resurrection Band. Here is the song called "Where Roses Grow."

I think I may have discovered his cover of the Blind Faith classic before. Since he had jammed with Phil Keaggy. Another Christian artist and a darn good guitarist regardless of genre. Here they are with "Queen of My Heart."

Here is a Glenn Kaiser song to wrap things up..

I hope you enjoyed my battle. I will be back on August 15 for a new Battle of the Bands. 


John Holton said...

Have you ever heard Phil Keaggy's "Beyond Nature"? It's one of the best fingerstyle guitar albums I've heard.

Cherdo said...

I went totally Norman on this one - but congrats to the Victor! Looking at John Holton's comment, I'm thinking someone ought to be doing Phil Keaggy (there's never enough Keaggy in the world).

Arlee Bird said...

Larry Norman is considered to be something like the "Father of Christian Rock" so I think he has a credible place in the presence of the Lord. Well, especially since he's now dead and maybe be with the Lord. Norman had a huge influence on Christian music.

Like I said in my original comment, Norman was essentially parodying secular songs about religion so even though his take on "Presence" was pretty true to the original, he was also playing with it a bit.

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