Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diana Krall

I don't write as I often as I used too. I am not reviewing concerts and theatre productions on a regular basis anymore. I've started to see more shows. Just haven't found the right opportunities that fit my writing and my regular job. One of the things I miss about writing regular reviews is it gave me plenty to blog about here. I used to call it "shameless self promotion." However, I always strived to add a little bit more to my blog. Perhaps it was videos that couldn't be added to the review, maybe an explanation of my thoughts.

In that spirit since I still write for the Examiner covering live music in the Washington area I decided to blog about Diana Krall who is one of the most successful jazz artist of my time. I wrote a preview article for her upcoming concert at the Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland later this week. You can read it here. Her latest album "Wallflowers" sounds like a potential goldmine for my blogs' monthly Battle of the Bands series I participate in.

Below she performs "Walk on By"

The Strathmore is a venue I have reviewed shows at several times in the past. I can't praise the venue enough for the great sound and easy access. I reviewed Diana Krall when she performed at another famous venue Wolf Trap in 2012. You can read the review here at DC Theater and Arts.

Here she performs "Temptation" in Canada...

In the end it is always about the music and I do enjoy sharing it. 

"I'm A Little Mixed Up"

Hope you enjoyed my blog on Diana Krall and if she is coming to a venue near you and you enjoy jazz do yourself a favor and go see her perform!

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