Friday, December 5, 2014

Farewell UAB Blazers Football

Time will tell if the University of Alabama Birmingham made the right choice to shut down their football team. Athletics are important to fans. Athletes do earn an education on being on a team. However, to a University education should be the most important things. I know it was a financial decision.

I'm not judging the decision. I sympathize with the fans, athletes, the coaching staff and all involved with their program. I will heap praise on the coach.

Bill Clark fought for his team to exist after this season. He coached his team to a 6-6 record which was great for the Blazers. Besides how the team played on the field, from what I read in the past month he fought for his team, College football where wins and losses often decide the fates of coaches. Great men fired because they didn't win enough.

He was a a coach about his players and that is commendable. A level down at Jacksonville State he went 11-4 and 6-6 with UAB which are not bad records. 

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