Thursday, November 27, 2014


I wish all my readers the best for Thanksgiving! I hope everyone was able to find something to be thankful for as I know sometimes in a world full of troubles that can be hard to find.

The news before thanksgiving was not pleasant. Children getting shot by police, granted the children were playing with toy guns that looked like the real things. The riots in the aftermath of the decision in Ferguson. I wanted to blog about it. However, nothing I could write could change the situation.
I almost fell through the trap door and started blogging about it.

I pray for healing in those communities. I pray for the riots to end and peace to prevail. I hope it wasn't a racial issue. I know the incident has widened the division between races in this melting pot we call America.

I truly hope those racial divides end. I am not a fan of dividing people up in politics the left and the right either. Then there is the religious divide. We are all different. We should celebrate these differences and enjoy living together in harmony.

I am thankful I have friends of different religions, races, and.backgrounds. I am thankful for the ones who have shared their traditions, their food, their culture and truly enriched my life.

That is why my thoughts are on peace and love! No, I am not trying to sound like an old hippy. However peace, love and together is a much greater alternative than what I see in the news. No more riots, no more injustice, no more big divides, lets come together and become something greater.

Maybe give the homeless shelter, maybe feed the hungry without being arrested, maybe lifting up instead of tearing down. If we all work towards that wouldn't we all be more thankful?

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