Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November the month ahead

 Another month has rolled by and this blog continues to ramble on. Here I attempt to write a post about what this blog is going to be about, or do this month when in truth I haven't a clue. I can promise you it won't include pictures of me in my "No-shave" November. In a month could I look like a member of ZZ Top, Duck Dynasty, or Santa Claus. Because I am not a participant in that but I know a couple of people I could annoy by doing that maybe next year. .I won't be posting my excerpts from a novel I am hurriedly writing in a month.Though the novel might have some appeal to me at some point. Of course there is the procrastinator in me, who would wait till the 30th and write the novel pressed against the deadline. I'm sure it might break a rule or two.

I'm not knocking either one. I'm just not doing those this November. To those participating in the novel writing thing I wish you the best. Even if I had no day job, no family distractions, I don't think I could write one in a month. I am continuing to do the Battle of the Bands twice a month. A weekly football post. But what else? That is a good question. Well I am reading a book or two which could translate into a post or two about books. Something I have done before but not in quite a while.

Maybe the post about a birthday, death. or maybe I will share something I experience. Some of the blog is predictable other parts are a mystery. Maybe I will decorate the blog with holiday lights, wait I am already too late for that! Dang Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and every big box store decorated in August! Well you will see what comes out as you follow this blog this month!

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