Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Allman Brothers End of Era

Well tonight was the last show by The Allman Brothers Band. I shared the news during the A to Z Challenge in this post. Also the post has more music!

How do you celebrate an ending? By looking back and celebrating what is now a legacy.

The band had "Dreams"even back in 1969..

Now the band is going "Into the Mystic" covering Van Morrison on one of their final shows 10/25/2014...

Even now it is hard to find a band that has a better guitar attack than Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes. Below is "Blue Sky" performed in Germany in 1991.

I am hoping I am finding different songs to say farewell.

"Trouble No More" might fit..

Thanks for the music, memory, and we will see what tomorrow brings after all you were born "A Ramblin' Man"

Thanks I hope you enjoy!

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