Monday, June 9, 2014

The passing of Alan Douglas

Alan Douglas was a record producer who passed away this weekend. He is best known for his production of Jimi Hendrix after the guitarist death. They included the Gold album "Crash Landing," "Midnight Lightning," a trio of important live concert albums, "Nine to the Universe," and "Blues."

"Captain Coconut" from "Crash Landing"

The "Blues" album really elevated Jimi Hendrix  in my mind up to the top few guitarists in my head. Here he performs "Once I Had a Woman"

Alan Douglas worked with Hendrix while he was alive encouraging him to explores jazz. Even paired Hendrix with Timothy Leary. Douglas also work with The Last Poets, Miles Davis and Lenny Bruce to name a few.

The Last Poets "When the Revolution Comes"

Alan Douglas talks about Jimi and a book who helped put together in this interview..

Alan Douglas thank you for changing my opinion on Jimi Hendrix, may you rest in peace.

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