Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Perfect Day

I'm exhausted. These long road trips wear me out. Add in factors such as it being late, darkness, fog and it makes it even worse. However, the day was perfect.

I took my daughter to the beach as we visited with my parents. We walked along the way we saw a Wood Stork not something you see everyday..

A picture from two years ago from the same park. We also so lots of turtles. Then once we got to the beach the water was really calm for the ocean. Great for taking a younger kid swimming. However, in the water we were not alone. A pair of Dolphins were swimming a short distance away from us. A very cool experience to share with my daughter. We also saw pelicans and a couple of Ospreys who were catching fish!

Nice to share adventures with your kid! Then we made it back home for her swim lessons. I think she learned the duck paddle...

Like I said a magical day!

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Click said...

Visiting through the A to Z Road Trip.

How awesome that you got to go swimming while dolphins were swimming nearby! I live on an island and we've had dolphins in the harbour a few times and in fourteen years I've missed it every single time. I'd love to see them.