Sunday, March 10, 2013


The snow has barely cleared the ground but my daughter clsaimed it was Spring. Mother Nature was agreeing as the temperture rose to 60 degrees. So my daughter and I dug some trences in our yard and planted some seeds. So a garden starts.

Now this won't be a beast of a garden, My parents have a big garden, my Uncle has one, and my Grandfather had one. Theirs were big. Mine is simple. I live on a wooded acre. So I have some space but not much for gardening. Also I live on a mountainous hill so the ground is mainly rock. So I am not going to be tilling that. I also have bunnies, possums, birds, and deer in my yard. So whatever comes up, I will have competition for the harvest.

No this about spending time with my daughter and having fun. If we have success then we have peas to eat in May. If we fail I still win since I got to spend the time with my daughter. If I come up with a dollar's worth of peas I break even. Since they will be organic the yeild doesn't have to be great to break even.

Check back to see how we do..

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