Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keith Richards Birthday

Today was Keith Richards 68th birthday. So when I had the chance today I listened to some Rolling Stones, some Keith Richards solo music. Yes, The Rolling Stones are among my favorite artists. Keith Richards is one of the main reasons.

So today's blog is dedicated to him. No shameless self promotion. No death notices. Just a chance to enjoy some Rock and Roll.

First up: You got a respect someone who will look out for his band mates. Yes Keith laying down order with his guitar.

Second, this is an unreleased Stones song and it is simply beautiful.

There are so many selections to choose from with Keith. One of my favorite songs is Before they Make Us Run. Here is Keith leading the Stones:

Yes the Holidays are near. Some deer has to Run..Happy Holidays:

I hope you enjoy. I might do this again next year with different songs.

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