Sunday, July 17, 2011

World Cup Final USA Vs Japan

The woman's World Cup Final is today 2PM EST pitting the USA team against Japan. Team USA has been compared to the team in 1999 which won it all. However, the 1999 team had more media support.

This year's final isn't on a major network, but on ESPN. It is probably true, the ratings would be lower in the USA if the American girls weren't in the finals. However, the girls deserve kudos for making it to the finals. They are doing their part to keep woman's soccer on the map in the USA.

They may not be the superstars like Mia and company were but they deserve a chance. The media should be covering more. The 2011 team did their quest on the road. The 2011 team can be beaten like Sweden proved. Japan will challenge team USA ad hopefully it will be a terrific match. Win or lose Team USA has done a wonderful job in 2011.

Game time is soon, enjoy!

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