Friday, July 22, 2011

Borders Books Closing

Sad new Borders Books is closing. Apparently they can not compete with e-books. I guess I am old fashion I prefer a solid book to read. Okay not that solid, a paperback novel is my style. Sure, I read a lot of things online. However, mostly I read non-fiction or research something. I hope that modern trend continues since I do write online.

However, I will always be partial to the novel. I liked Borders Books, it was a great store to find gifts for book lovers or find a hard to find book. I'm not the best customer for full price book stores as I buy most of my books online or at a used book store. Still, the loss of Borders is a loss of an opportunity to find books. It also can't be good for the book writers. If there is no place to sell books, there won't be a demand for writers.

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