Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A to Z: Oh!

Oh! I have fallen so behind. Oh! it is a curse of a working vacation. Especially in this age of technology when one disconnects for a while. Pull the plug and one falls out or falls behind.

Oh! it s not just the A to Z challenge. It is work at my day job, will I ever get caught up? Ii is the writing assignments and free lance work. Oh! It is more important stuff too.

Oh! It is great to see old friends and family. However, on the other hand you miss the family you leave behind. 

It is the Oh! I should have seen this, Oh! I should have done that, it is all the Oh's.


Misha said...

That's so true. I've never gone on any sort of trip where there wasn't some sort of Oh! involved.


Rachael Harrie said...

LOL, nevermind, you'll get there ;)



baygirl32 said...

Oh no! we;re almost done, try and catch up