Saturday, April 2, 2011

A to Z: Baseball

Yesterday, I went to opening day in Philadelphia. A new day, a new game, and a new season. Fans have new anticipations for their teams on opening day. Everyone has hope. Every team starts with a clean slate. Every player starts with a clean slate to build season stats. Some players even start over with new teams. Even though it still feels cool or even cold. Spring is here and soon the warm weather of summer. Everyone is looking forward to better days.

It would be nice if life worked that way. Perhaps it should. Perhaps the first paragraph is what is really great about baseball. Everyday is a new day but it is often forgotten in the daily grind. Everyday has it's own challenges, just like a new game. Sometimes we start a new season. We can change teams and build new stats. However, it is that clean slate that is missing. Not everyone has better days to look forward too because they are lost in the worries.

However, we have baseball a chance to escape for at least a few hours. Have a cold beverage, eat a hot dog, and cheer your team on. Just for a few hours your worries are gone and it truely is a better day.


Marie Anne said...

I enjoyed watching baseball years ago. Not sure why I got away from it. Probably when Yaz and Conigliero and crew left the Red Sox.

Kimberly said...

Fantastic post. It's always nice to have something to forget about all the worries. Mine is writing and I feel like I get a clean slate every time I start a new novel.

Trisha said...

I've seen a few people featuring baseball for "B" - it's not so popular here in Aus as it is elsewhere I think. But we still do play it and love it! I used to play tee ball though :D

Margaret Almon said...

Baseball is kind of alien to me, since I grew up in western Canada, but I find I like, very meditative. And the statistical aspect is quite amazing!