Wednesday, February 9, 2011

50 years ago...

According to Fender,,,The Beatles made their debut. They played the Cavern Club in London. Yes they are another band that made their start a few years before I was born. However, their music still holds it's own.

I would still go and see Ringo or Paul today. If I had the money. Now if they were charging 1961 prices I think I would be able to scrape it up. One of my biggest thrills when it comes to music is related to the Beatles. I was in Virginia Beach in the Summer of 1999. I was in Virginia Beach to see Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in concert. Anyway, I was in Virginia Beach early and had some time to check out a Beatles museum. Anyway, it was a slow day there and the guy running the place let me pick up and strum a couple of notes on a Fender Strat which was owned by George Harrison. Unfortunately the Beatles museum has gone away. If any one knows please let me know?

Me being so young (okay so middle aged) my Beatles memories are a bit scarce. I did manage to see Ringo Starr a couple of times. His shows are really cool All-Star jams. Seeing Ringo, I was treated to listen to some really cool musicians. Paul McCartney puts on a heck of a show filled with his own hits and plenty of Beatles songs.

I am so glad they came together 50 years ago..

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