Monday, October 25, 2010

Tough Process

Contacting a publicist is the easy part. The publicist either ignores you, turns you down or says yes is what I thought the process would be like. My first interview was easy in the musician contacted me. My second interview I contacted the artist and we made the arrangements. Now that the star is bigger I am going through a publicist.

Contacting the publicist is the easy part, once you have committed to it. (A.K>A. Getting the Courage Up). I'd been ignored by a promoter before so I figured that was an option. However, I did get a response. Now it is an email game of pong back and forth. I am still hopeful I will get the interview. 

However, I am learning as I go. I already have a greater appreciation of what my friend who does this for a living goes through.Well I will let you know how this story unfolds...

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