Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Vendyrs

I haven't plugged one of my articles in a while. However, I wrote a review of The Vendyrs debut concert. It was for a charity event I was at. The band is a band of college age kids, who have a pretty tight musical feel to them. They have a 90s grunge feel to them. However, there music really does rock. I like what I heard from them you can read my review here.

They were great, playing for a great cause and were really nice guys. So, if your looking for a band in the Washington, DC area, Frederick, Maryland area The Vendyrs are worth a listen.

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mary said...

Loved your article on The Vendyrs! They are the real deal. You can tell they work really hard to get a tight sound and the talents among the five guys is exceptional. They are very dedicated and hope to bring their music to many. They are very excited about doing charity events. This shows the depth of their character.
Looking forward to following them on this journey.