Sunday, September 26, 2010

Published: A Pleasant Surprise

Writing has it surprises. I didn't know I had three articles published on Yahoo! Sports in August. All and all it has been a pretty good year for me on the writing side. More people are reading my articles. I take a lot of assignments but I have a lot of freedom to write about what I want to write about. I have done two interviews. I got my first press pass. I am writing poetry again, even if it is just Haiku. I am making more money from it. Not enough to quit my day job but enough to help out with the bills.

However, the coolest thing is to see my work published somewhere different than the usual places. It was neat when I had one article published on Yahoo! Finance in July. In August I had an article published on the WNBA's Crystal  Langhorne,  a stadium review on Nationals Park, and a MLS  Review of RFK Stadium. I have submitted some more articles and I am working on a few more that might show up on Yahoo as well.

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