Friday, June 25, 2010

The Correlation Between Search Engine Optimization and Page Views

Page views are important in the world of online writing. Page views account for a large amount of my income being an internet writer. It is to my advantage to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) as much as I can to drive traffic to my articles. SEO also strokes my humble ego. I get a thrill every time I do a search engine search and one of articles appears near the top. Search engines send more readers to my article the closer to the top my article is found on search engines. When more readers read my articles I get more page views. More page views for my articles mean more money in my pocket. The correlation completes a circle as more page views an article receives, the higher the article appears in the search engines.

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Liz said...

Hi Mike,

I am new writing for Association content -- am a neophyte with SEO -- your post and blog are helpful to me as I negotiate these interesting waters.

I've been writing a personal, writer's type, non-commercial blog for years, so this is a new way of thinking, but I am enjoying it alot.

Liz said...

Ha -- I see that in designing some new blog templates and generally fiddling around, my old Google profile is not showing up. In case you want to drop by my writer blog, it's called Switched At Birth ( And I usually go by Beth. "Liz" is an experiment as a way to split my creative non-fiction writer persona from my AC one. But, now that I'm into it, I think I'll just stay the same old Beth.

Elizabeth said...

And now, thanks to you and some other helpful folks, I've set up a new blog (you'll find yourself on the Blog Buddies roll).

Thanks for pointing the way,