Sunday, January 17, 2010

More football...

I haven't post in here for a few days; I have been pretty busy writing as I have picked up a few more opportunities...

A lot about football as of late:

In the NFL I had my wildcard predictions. I went 2 for 4 on those.

In college, I had my final NCAA rankings posted here. My rankings gave more love to Boise State and there were a few more surprises.

Also I started writing for a Tim Tebow site. I will probably write a few more articles there. I joined the site at a bad time after the college football season has ended. Oh, well I have a couple of articles out there/

The latest one is about his Super Bowl Commercial.

I also wrote one on his record breaking performance at the Sugar Bowl.

I'm open for sugestions on new Tim Tebow articles if there are any Gator Fans or Tim Tebow fans out there.

I've been writing other things as well and I will blog about them later.

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