Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday with Friends

Sunday was a rather mild day for December. The day started by meeting friends for lunch in downtown Frederick at Five Guys. Five Guys is a hamburger chain started in the Washington DC that is slowly spreading across the country with great burgers and fries.

After lunch we went and saw a movie. It was the first movie I have seen in a theater since August when I picked up my stepson. We saw "The Spirit" which the Washington Post gave a pretty bad review of, so I wasn't expecting much. With the warning, the movie came up better than expectations.

After the movie we travelled to Washington, DC where we toured the National Cathedral. It was comforting that the Cathedral was Episcopalian which made it have a warm, feeling of home. The building was neat to explore, with the prayer rooms, the chapels, several tombs, and a display of Nativity Scenes from around the world. It was great to see the small scenes crafted from different materials.

We moved from the Cathedral to China Town, where we took in a meal of handmade noodles in a small Chinese Restaurant. It was neat to see the noodle make working his craft, very similar to the bakers in the old pizzerias. After dinner we called it a day and returned home.

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