Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Quiet Blog

The blog has been pretty quiet lately. Work, the holidays, my wife being ill, and trying to keep peace in the house hold has cut down on my online time. One PC up, and three people wanting to use it kind of limits the time. There is also the baby, who at 20 months can climb over the child gate and requires much more time to keep her out of trouble(or keep me out of trouble.)

I'm still writing. I'm still reading. I still have that habit of starting a book, putting it down and starting another. Still working. Haven't really been into the Holiday spirit this year. More concerned with paying the bills, what kind of winter weather are we having now, how long will more care making weird noises last, and the list goes on and on, like an incomplete Honey-do list.

However, I keep going. Same to keep things in the balance some how or some way.

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