Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Fathers Day

My Fathers Day wasn't that exciting. My day started with me hanging out with my daughter. Then i spent most of the day fishing at the pond across the street. I caught a lot of bluegill and crappies. I caught 1 large mouth bass and 3 small mouth bass. One of the small mouths was pretty small. The other ones were decent size but no monsters. However, they must of been feisty today since they gave it all they had. I let them all go, so hopefully one day they will be the "monsters" and hopefully I can catch them again. I have it bad for a fishing trip still. However, the next couple of weekends are spoken for and then there is the fourth of July weekend, which I don't want to be caught in beach traffic on a holiday weekend. The night ended with dinner at the horse races. They have a really nice buffet. I also called my Dad for Fathers Day as I get an extra week to shop before he comes to visit. To all the Dad's who stumble on my blog I hope you all had a great day.

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