Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Appreciation To A Friend

Last Sunday, I went to church and I heard the news that Doug Thomas had passed away. He was elderly and living in a rest room. I feel bad or guilty. I feel guilty because I never went to visit him at the rest home. My wife says when she called he didn't remember us, but that is no excuse. We did visit him before he went to the retirement home. I'm happy that he will be reunited with his wife Janet. She was good for him. Doug, in a lot of ways reminded me of me. However, Dug always wanted the best for me and my family. He wanted us to be married, he wanted us to have a house, he wanted the best for us. There was no real reason for Doug to want those things for us, but his heart. We would be so much better off with more people like Doug Thomas in our world. He volunteered for as long as he was able. We volunteered too, but he directed us to where to volunteer. Through Doug we know SHARE and were encouraged to volunteer at REACH experiences which have changed my life. We are better people touched by the life of Doug Thomas. God Bless you Doug! You will be missed!

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