Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Lull Before The Madness

March is coming in like a Lion cub here! It's probably about 40 degrees, breezy. Some snow flurries here and there, but really a pleasant day. Lot's of March Sunshine breaking through the clouds.

The NFL gets ready for April's draft. The NBA and NHL continue on their epic seasons. Baseball starts to stir in Florida and Arizona. Not much of a big deal, unless your a rookie or some forgotten player trying to make a name for himself. It's just a prelude to a marathon season. However, like the robins and woodchucks Spring Training is a sign of spring. Soon the ice and snow will be just a memory.

Thankfully, there is college basketball. March is their month. Meaningful games everywhere! Conference tournaments, the NIT, and the big dance. I know the tournament stretches into April now. People gather around the water cooler, discuss how their team is doing, or talk about their brackets or the big upset. It's a bridge to baseball season, and the playoffs(NBA and NHL).

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