Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts

The New York Giants ended up being the best road team in the NFL, their only loss on the road came in week 1 against the Cowboys.

Eli had a great run thru the playoffs, he showed what he was capable of on the way to being named the Super Bowl MVP. Unfortunately, he did not show these skills when he was the starter on my fantasy football team.

The Patriots showed the world it is hard to go undefeated. Perhaps that is why no team since the 1972 Dolphins have gone undefeated. How quickly a great season ends in disappointment.

Spygate? Who cares? All the pro teams watch each other. In the preseason lots of teams don't show anything on purpose. In the NFL the other team is going to know what you do. The team that has the best game plan, is best prepared, and executes the best is going to win more often then not. A great bounce, a little luck also helps.

Football season ends, the draft will soon be here to make us interested in all our teams once again. Now it's time to watch the playoff races in the NBA and NHL. Spring training is getting closer in baseball. Maybe by September the Redskins will have a new coach.

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