Monday, February 11, 2008

Can Music Change The World?

Neil Young said somewhere lately that music can't change the world and that time has passed. I disagree with Neil Young. However, I think it is harder now for musicians to speak out. You speak out now and the public might not hear from you for a while. Dixie Chicks come to mind.
One day they are on top of the Country world and the next day their careers are in a nose dive.

I think music can and does change the world. The save our planet concert same to have an impact. Music festivals have often raised money for charities. Special albums have been made to support special causes.

Changes aren't always made though. The Tibetan Freedom Festivals, they raised awareness and money. Still today China occupies Tibet. Eric Clapton has had some successful Crossroads Festivals. Funding his tropical rehab center. Which is fine. It's just a charity I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon for, since I'm not a wealthy, drug addict. If it was supporting a rehab center for folks who might not be able to afford it, well then why not support it. But who knows, maybe it will help some rising star to turn their life around and change the world. I'm for it, if it can do that.

The thing is musicians can draw in the crowds and raise money and awareness. They can still change the world. It's just one small step at a time.


Chris James said...

Well, songs can change individal people and those people can change other people and so on...

Mike Spain said...

Well said Chris James I agree