Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good Things, Louisiana Politics and a Friends Blog

A friend of mine made a post about a Louisiana Candidate for a political office. And yes, he made some comments about how this persons life had some bad twists of fates. This candidate is also an entertainer, which is why my friend was blogging about him in the first place. He said this person was putting there life back together, and would be good at the position due to his talents. He also said this person had a passion for the position he was running for, but some how people attack him for being down on the person. I don't get it. When life doesn't or isn't going like we plan and it kicks us down a bit(or a lot) isn't it natural to put it back together? Isn't that a good thing?

Isn't having skills a good thing? Especially when the skills could help him with the job he is running for?

Isn't having passion for the job a good thing?

Isn't having a desire for the job a good thing?

In my opinion, I think the people of Louisiana would care more about what a candidate for any political position was going to do for their great state.

Louisiana has a long way to go in rebuilding from Katrina. New Orleans has a long way to go before it is back to being like it was before Katrina. How are they going to prevent such devastation the next time? What are they going to do with the levees? We hear a lot about New Orleans since it is a major city, but what about the smaller towns? What's being done to clean up the waters, were so many make a living? Or just for preserving the treasure of those wetlands. Or the concerns any citizens have of the economic development, taxes, roads, education, social services, and their safety.

My interest is 1) it was a friends blog, 2) as a tourist I loved what the state had to offer, 3) as a supporter of several outreaches to the area, and 4) the musical heritage of the area.

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